Monday, 8 June 2009

Been A Long Week.........

Hello fellow crafters

Sorry havent blogged in a while been really busy as my daughter hasnt been very well and now she is going through a really clingy stage and is refusing to sleep in her cot hence I get no sleep and hardly any stitching done either! :(

When I have had the rare opportunity to stitch I have done bits and pieces but I have started a new collection that I have and they are so cute and adorable just hope people like them enough to actually buy some.

I am currently offering them at £10.00 for one and £15.00 for two and they come ready framed and ready to be hung or stand so will have to wait and see

Have started on my christmas tags I know its only June but I want to have enough done for all the craft fairs etc

Right must sign off now as have to get new products onto my website

Promise not to leave it as long next time :)


Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone!

Well this is my first post and Im really scared not really sure if I have uploaded everything correctly but hey ho at least you can see what I am writing

Where to start well Im a single mum to my darling daughter who is 7 months old today!! She is my world and everything I do is for her. She has started crawling so she is now into anything and everything she can get her hands on! :)

Now onto the second favourite thing in my world - My Cross Stitch

I have such a passion for doing cross stitch and I have been doing it since I was a little girl and I have never got bored of it infact it helped pass the boredom when I was pregnant and I have never finished so many pieces in 9 months as I did then!!

Basically I complete cross stitches and personalise them for people or they send me cross stitch kits that they have purchased and I complete them for them. I also frame and mount my pieces as well so I complete the process from start to finish

Well enough of my rambling I must watch the apprentice on iplayer now as I missed it as I was busy creating my first ever blog

Speak soon